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Vocal Freedom

Vocal Health

with master teacher

Suzanne Kiechle

​Suzanne Kiechle is an internationally renowned voice teacher and vocal coach.
She has over 40 years of experience in teaching and vocal rehabilitation for singers and speakers with the following conditions:  vocal nodes, chronic hoarseness, vocal fatigue, hemorrhaged vocal folds, paralyzed vocal folds and post-operative recovery.

Zooey Deschanel

I have worked with her for ten years and I have time and time again seen her fix vocal problems in a matter of minutes that would take others weeks, months, or years ... she knows what she is talking about.

Christina Applegate

After studying with Suzanne for six months, I was able to meet the vocal demands of the role and continue on a year's run with no vocal problem.  [Tony Award nominee, Sweet Charity] 

John Rubinstein

People who had known me for years, and who had seen and heard me in this very show some months before, began to show up backstage saying that the sound I was now producing was stronger, richer, more musical, even in the higher register.

Coming Soon:  Workshops!

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