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Suzanne Kiechle (pronounced "keeth-lee") is an internationally renowned voice teacher and vocal coach. She developed her vocal technique while working with otolaryngologist Dr. Charles Schneider, who trained her in vocal physiology.

Ms. Kiechle has over 40 years of experience in vocal rehabilitation for singers and speakers with the following conditions:  vocal nodes, chronic hoarseness, vocal fatigue, hemorrhaged vocal folds, paralyzed folds and post-operative recovery​.  Most notably, she has eliminated dozens of singers' vocal nodes without surgery.

Suzanne's musical journey began in a home full of music and song.  Her mother and two sisters all sang around the house and in the church choir.  Her love of music led her to choosing an instrument:  first the guitar and then the trumpet.  Soon she was playing solo trumpet in the Los Angeles Junior Philharmonic conducted by Ernst Katz.

In high school Suzanne was greatly influenced by choral conductor Lucienne Biggs, a passionate French woman who gave her a love of singing in the choir.

Martial Singher

After high school graduation Suzanne attended a program for gifted youth at Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara.  There she studied with Master Teacher Maestro Maurice Abravanel, Juilliard's David Shumann and Martial Singher from the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia.

It was from Martial Singher that Suzanne learned to love Opera and Lieder (a genre of German classical songs) because of the connection of voice and drama in the musical material.  "The audience were on the  edge of their seats watching how he (Singher) used small movements of the body and took the performance to new heights not often seen in Opera.  It was a more subtle but very effective approach rather than the exaggerated movement typical in operatic performances of the era.  Connecting the intent, the drama and the humor with the sound of the voice was magic and it has always been a part of how I hear and see a singing performance."

Suzanne's musical performing continued under the direction of Richard Knox with his Concert Choir and Madrigals, and in Jazz Band with Dr. Immel.  Her interest in the development of music through instruments continued with Music History teacher Dr. Catalyne who taught her to listen to every instrument in the orchestra.

A music scholarship to Mount St. Mary's College in Los Angeles led to a Bachelor of Music in Musical Composition.  During her college years Suzanne played trumpet in the orchestra with conductor Manuel Compinsky, sang in the choir with conductor Paul Salamunovich, studied organ and piano and then studied voice outside of the school with Dr. Dean Verhines.  Her final composition thesis was titled A Cantata on Peace;  Paul Salamunovich conducted the Mt. St. Mary's Chorus and Loyola University Chorus with Jeannine Wagner and Alicia Rodriguez as soloists;  Suzanne played one of the three trumpets.  "It was very exciting to hear what I had written performed with the quality of talent I was fortunate to have for this auspicious occasion."

Paul Salamunovich
Distinguished Teacher Award

Suzanne taught guitar for thirteen years and was Chairman of the Music Department at Bellarmine-Jefferson High School in Burbank, California.  She spent several years as Choral Conductor and Musical Director for concerts and classic musicals such as The Music Man, Once Upon a Mattress, L'il Abner, Guys and Dolls, The Boyfriend, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Godspell, Bye Bye Birdie and Anything Goes.

Suzanne was guest speaker at the University of Maryland and was honored at the White House as a ​Distinguished Teacher.  (The White House!)

White House Commission on Presidential Scholars
with soprano Julie Adams

Suzanne has been the coach for movie and television projects such as Elf, Once Upon a Mattress, The Assassination of Jesse James, The Janis Joplin Project (all with Zooey Deschanel);  Bones with Emily Deschanel;  Man Trouble with Ellen Barkin and Veronica Cartwright;  Under the Tuscan Sun (the boy soprano, Christopher Ibenhardt, in the wedding scene);  and Monster House with Sam Lerner and Mitchell Musso (for screaming and boys' vocals).

Suzanne has also taught many Broadway and other stage performers including John Rubinstein (Ragtime), Valarie Pettiford (The Wild Party, The Wiz, Tony nominee for Fosse), Donna Bullock (Ragtime), Christina Applegate (Tony nominee for Sweet Charity), Farah Alvin (Grease, Nine), Juliana Ashley Hansen (Thoroughly Modern Millie), Opera soprano Julie Adams (winner of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions) ... and the list goes on.

Suzanne works with anyone who shares her passion for singing.  Her students can be seen performing throughout the world.  

​​Suzanne's intention is to simplify the science of vocal production in order to act as a guide for the art.  Her teaching is for singers, speakers, voice teachers, choral conductors and anyone who wants to sing and speak FREELY.

This is what I'll do if you sing badly.  (Just kidding!  ;)
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