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The Book

The Keys to Vocal Freedom

The most difficult thing in writing my book was the vocabulary. Words mean different things to different people.  I am not going to be understood in the way I wish by everyone.  I, too, am guilty of jumping to conclusions about other voice teachers' explanations of how the voice works.  In discussing issues with friends who seem to have different views, we basically want the same thing but have different ideas on how to get there.


​Most voice teachers want their students to sing freely.  My teacher talked in ways of power more than freedom.  I ended up with nodes.  My mission is to communicate in the best way I can on how to be vocally free to sing any kind of music, and in speech to be free to make whatever sounds you wish without damaging the voice.


​It is a tricky thing to be clear in language.  In my book I strive to present concepts in an understandable way and to keep discussions on anatomy simple.  Other books and references go into the complex anatomy of vocal production;  this is not my aim.  I have found in my teaching, for more that 40 years, that students understand what I am saying by keeping things simple.


​As we travel through the vocal experience, get comfortable.  Take off your shoes, lie down on something, relax and BREATHE.

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