What the Pros Say

Julie Adams

“I have known and worked with Suzanne for over 17 years. It is because of her that I have learned the basic foundation of singing correctly, and healthily. She is a vocal wizard, who not only nurtures your voice, but your soul. Her technique is simple, yet crucial to provide vocal longevity in order to carry you through a healthy singing career.”

Pete Anderson


"Suzanne has the most uncanny ability to repair, exercise and stretch a vocalist, without changing his or her style.  A true genius in her field, she has performed miracles for me and my clients."

Christina Applegate


"Although I had been dancing most of my life, when I was cast as Charity in the Broadway production of Sweet Charity I had little or no experience singing. After studying with Suzanne for six months, I was able to meet the vocal demands of the role and continue on a year's run with no vocal problem. Many thanks to Suzanne for helping me bring Charity to life."

Peter Asher


"Suzanne Kiechle's emergency assistance was invaluable in allowing me to complete the production of an album on schedule.  She substantially restored the singer's tired voice in one visit and enabled her (Chantal Kreviazuk) to complete her vocals on time."

Pamela Dayton


"In my twenties, while in vocal distress, Suzanne's technique was able to steer me out of trouble in record time, unmask a clear soprano voice and solidify a strong belt in the process, and make me a lifelong disciple of her technique.  She has provided me with a healthy four octave range that's enabled me to realize the dream and rigors of an eight show schedule on tour and on Broadway."

Emily Deschanel


"Suzanne's unique approach can repair the worst damage on a voice. She worked with me when I had nodules and helped me heal my voice completely. Suzanne has a special understanding of the voice and vocal cords, and she does everything with a sense of fun! When I was asked to sing on my TV show, "BONES," I had to learn a song quickly. I hadn't sung in years, but in a couple days Suzanne helped me get my voice to a p lace I was comfortable with. It required that I sing as my character. Suzanne completely understood that and helped me find my character's voice organically."

Zooey Deschanel


"Suzanne Kiechle is a maverick in the field of vocal coaching.  I have worked with her for ten years and I have time and time again seen her fix vocal problems in a matter of minutes that would take others weeks, months, or years.  The difference is her technique.  She is truly a voice to be listened to because she knows what she is talking about.  Every singer should read her book."

Peter Matz


"In Suzanne Kiechle's vocal students one encounters a rare combination of confidence in the  mechanics of vocal production along with a refreshing sense of freedom in the singing."

Amanda McBroom


"Suzanne Kiechle is one of the best gifts a singer can give his or her voice.  Empathy, healing and knowledge are her stock in trade.  She's been there.  She's done that.  And she knows how to fix it."

Valarie Pettiford


"I can not begin to tell you how much Suzanne's technique has saved my singing career.  She came into my life when I starred in the Broadway hit "Fosse" where I had to do intense singing while dancing simultaneously.  We worked on choreographing my breathing, a technique I had never done with previous coaches.  This allowed me to perform eight times a week with great strength and not overextend my voice.  Not only is Suzanne an amazing vocal coach, she is also what I call a vocal doctor!  Her knowledge of the vocal anatomy is immense.  I sing through any type of illness that affects my voice."

John Rubinstein

Larry Thomas

(aka Seinfeld's 'The Soup Nazi')

on pg. 96 of his book,

"Confessions of a Soup Nazi" :

I went back to my singing lessons with - and I must give her a plug because out of six private voice teachers I studied with, she is the best, I mean without peers - Suzanne Kiechle.


"When I had my first lesson with Suzanne Kiechle, I was in horrible shape.  I was three months into a year-long contract to act and sing a role that was extremely demanding, vocally and physically, in a musical eight times a week.  My voice suddenly quit on me in the middle of a performance.  I was diagnosed as having a nodule on my vocal cord, and ordered to remain completely silent for three weeks.  The doctor gave me two options:  the node might disappear on its own, but I would most likely have to remain out of the show until that happened.  If it didn't, I would require surgery, and much longer hiatus from the show, not to mention the potential risks of the operation itself.  After the three weeks of total silence, the node was still there.

Not quite believing it possible, I came to Suzanne hoping she could help me try a third option:  to continue in the show and help my nodule disappear simultaneously.  So simple and straightforward is Suzanne's teaching, that after only one session with her I was able to change, in a very fundamental way, my entire approach to singing in the theatre.  That very night I stood on stage, my voice in ragged condition, and belted out my show using using her techniques as far as I'd been able to absorb them in one lesson.  At the end of the show, not only was my voice not tired as usual, it actually felt and sounded better than it had at the start of the evening!  After a few more sessions with Suzanne, the raggedness disappeared, my stamina and confidence returned and then redoubled.  People who had known me for years, and who had seen and heard me in this very show some months before, began to show up backstage saying that the sound I was now producing was stronger, richer, more musical, even in the higher register.  I was able to play my role and actually enjoy singing the songs, interpreting them as I was moved to do, rather than simply trying to get away without a noticeable squeak or strain.

I continued in the same role for another ten months, and never missed another performance.  Even when I had a cold or sore throat, Suzanne's exercises and performance methods helped me to overcome the disabilities and sing well without injuring myself.  And, most important of all, even with all those performances of frequent, loud and emotional singing, the nodule on my vocal cord disappeared completely, and stayed gone!"

Giselle Wolf

"It may seem exaggeration to say that meeting Suzanne Kiechle changed my life, but she certainly changed the way I felt about myself and my performance.  Suzanne's studio was a revelation.  She immediately made the diagnosis of my particular problems and then gave me the tools to remedy them.  Her tremendous support and enthusiasm brought back my joy of singing, my confidence and enabled me to progress very quickly indeed."

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